Caravan Serai Gypsy

Like the wandering free spirit our name CaravanSerai Gypsy suggests, owner Tabitha Donovan is an insatiable global traveler. Deciding over six years ago to harness her love of people, travel and cultures, a business was born of the pieces she kept collecting, initially for her own home.

As the wealth of cultural beauty was revealed to her in each new global encounter- she knew she wanted to tell the stories of the artisan techniques and share the beauty that each craft tradition had to tell. Old and new celebrated equally, her ever-consuming passion for design, textiles, fashion and home-wares allowed her to bring CaravanSerai Gypsy to fruition.

Our collection of wares seeks to give an insight into the rich tapestry of global culture and the ever-shifting concept of beauty. We have gathered this carefully edited collection together because we fall in love with each and every piece and want to bring it home.

Three ideas shape her collecting; the secret ingredients Tabitha believes are intrinsic to finding pieces you will cherish for a lifetime. Her creed- fall in love with your choices, dream of a space you will always find yourself happy in and be free to try the unexpected.

love + dream + be free

with CaravanSerai Gypsy